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What’s the difference between washes?

by carbeautiful

You may not realize, but there are different ways to wash a car. Going through the drive-thru wash at HEB has way different results than a professional hand wash.

When you use a car wash that has harsh brushes going at an automated rate, with no concern for car type or your paint, you run the risk of putting swirls and micro-scratches on your clear coat. These may not show up in the shade, but trust us, when you’re driving down the highway on a sunny day, they’re super visible.

The best way to protect your car while washing is to hand wash with a soft towel, we use microfiber cloths. This prevents the brush bristles from damaging anything on the exterior of your car.

If you absolutely have to run it through a car wash, we recommend a touch-less. This way there are no brushes or bristles to worry about. Our favorite is the Rudy’s BBQ touch-less car wash. They’re all over the place, work super well and don’t hurt your paint at all!

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