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FORD F150 Raptor Truck Detail

by carbeautiful
FORD F150 Raptor Truck Detail

The Ford Raptor is not your typical F150. With a 450 HP, 6 cylinder engine and a towing capacity of 6,000 – 8,000 lbs, this is a powerful pickup truck that not only looks awesome, but is quite the workhorse.

When it was brought to our shop in Lakeway, TX, we just knew that it was going to be a rewarding truck to work on.

For this particular truck detailing we decontaminated the exterior gelcoat, foam washed, hand washed and power washed the outside and gave this Ford Raptor a polish to level out any swirls.

We also flossed the wheels, cleaned and dressed the tires, cleaned the windows and mirrors and applied a polymer before rolling this pickup out into the sun where we could get a good look at it. The Raptor already looked great before, but we really took it to the next level with this one.


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