Auto Detailing a Jaguar XKR-S

by carbeautiful

Look at the incredible Sky Blue on this Jaguar XKR-S. What a fantastic, classy and down-right sporty ride.

It packs a 5.0-litre supercharged V8 engine with an 8 speed automatic gear box and is ready for a weekend cruise as always, but not quite without the refreshing look of a brand new detailing.

So we dug our hands in and did a number of things to make the sky bow to the sky blue finish of this beautiful car.

We first hit her with a decontamination and pulled out any minute particles of iron that the eye can’t see by using a claybar. We flossed the wheels and dressed the tires and set about giving this Jag a thorough hand wash. We suds her up with spray foam, rinsed her down and then moved onto a single-stage polish.

We cleaned the glass, vacuumed the interior and finalized the entire detail with a spray sealant that has a 6 month guarantee.

Overall very satisfying work and although we work on many different types of vehicles, we have to admit that it’s easy to be biased when you get something this cool into the shop.

Check out the video where we document the entire process!