Motorcycle DIY Detailing

by carbeautiful

Even though we are more than happy to detail your motorcycle for you here are some tricks of the trade. Maintaining your motorcycles luster and shine after a detailing can be tricky. Learning the upkeep on your motorcycle will keep it looking like the pros detail it every weekend.

Before you start make sure you are in a comfortable shady location and the engine is completely cooled down. First, remove the seat and leather saddlebags. Then cover the battery with plastic sheeting and seal off the exhaust pipe(s).

Next, you will want to do a preliminary wash to remove and surface level dirt or grime. After the preliminary wash use a microfiber towel and your preferred car washing soap and start scrubbing. You want to pay close attention to all the nooks and crannies making sure to get into any hard to reach surfaces. Areas with set-in grease may not come out so easily with car washing soap. For these areas you will need to use a special de-greasing cleaning agent. Once you have the bike fully scrubbed down make sure to hand towel dry right away to prevent any hard water spots from appearing.

Then you will want to work on your tires, dash, and windshield. These areas will need a little extra TLC. While working on the tires we suggest you use a small scrub brush or toothbrush to get all the hard to reach places removing any dirt, grime, or build-up in and around the wheels. After that we suggest using a gentle leather cleaner and conditioner on your dash, then polish immediately after that. You will want to take a little extra care on the windshield, but over all same technique. Clean, rinse, polish, and immediately dry your windshield for a beautiful transparent view.

This is your best bet for maintaining your motorcycle’s detail in-between getting it professionally done. When it’s time to bring it to a pro, give us a call. (512)924-4545.